Nature-Deficit Disorder

*This was written elsewhere long before it was written and posted here, and is therefore one of my older writings*

There is a theory that if you seperate a man from any and all forms of society (or otherwise put him in complete isolation) that he will become “mad.” Companionship has long been considered a necessity in the true survival, although technically, it isn’t or at least not for everyone. Though personally, I find some truth in this. Not so much with general socialization or companionship, but with interspecies interaction. I personally feel that it is unhealthy to be limited to human-only interaction, for a variety of reasons.

Being the average civilian is a lot like being in a zoo. You tend to only see your species, or only interact with your own species. It is an artifical environment. And, much like many other captive social animals, we civilized humans tend to be more violent on average than our wild, or noncivilized counterparts. Most of us, like captive zoo animals are fed by others (agriculture and the meat industry). Most of us are also out of the way of other species, and have no way of being preyed upon either. And while our ancestors were more-or-less nomadic, many of us are confined to owning an acre or less, and trespassing is a crime.

This, for me, feels unnatual and uncomfortable and frustrates me until I can be outside and observe other organisms in their natural habitats.

(Featured photo credit to Patrice Letarnec)