“Wiccanate Priveledge”

Being somewhat involved Pagan communities, I have encountered the concept of “Wiccanate priveledge.” Which, is worth noting at the moment, as I emphasized the word “somewhat” specifically as a result of this so-called “Wiccanate priveledge.”

To clarify, I am not the most active person in Pagan communites. One reason for this being that many of these communites are not exactly welcoming to individuals like me, that is, not Wiccan. As someone who is not Wiccan (though I used to be), I would have no interest in going into a space specifically meant for Wiccans and expecting to be welcomed.

The problem arises, not when Non-Wiccans try to participate in Wiccan practices, and not when NeoWiccans are in a fued with Old Style Wiccans, but rather when public websites, places, gatherings, etc. claim to be for all Pagan practices or claim to contain information on general Paganism, and instead adhere only to the Wiccan faith. This has caused an issue of “Pagan” being synonymous with “Wiccan.” This, of course, is inaccurate. This can also be seen when notorious Wiccan author Silver Ravenwolf refuses to acknowledge the distinction between “witch” and “Wiccan,” and asserts that the two are always interchangeable, and is therefore denying the beliefs of any non-Wiccan witch (such as by claiming a Satanic Witch cannot exist because witches do not believe in Satan, something that is true of Wiccan witches, but not necessarily all witches, and also gives a false impression on the most common forms of Satanism, as most Satanists do not believe in the supernatural devil of Christianity).

Albeit this is not the only problem concerning the concept of “Wiccanate priveledge.” Another issue is that of assigning the phrase “priveledge” with Wicca, due to the fact that Wiccans, as part of a minority religion, are not exactly priveledged in this predominantly Christian society.

All in all, it is more important to address the fact that not all Pagans are represented accurately (or at all) in many public Pagan spaces. There needs to be a clear distinction between overall Paganism and witchcraft and just Wicca, which is only a portion of Paganism.

It would generally be convenient for people to stop assuming Wiccans worship Satan (apparently people still do that), and equating “I’m a witch” with “I’m Wiccan.”