Environmental Solidarity

I have encountered and inspected numerous environmental organizations, groups, cabals, etc, such as Greenpeace, Deep Green Resistance, Earth First!, World Wildlife Fund, People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals, Survival International, Earth Liberation Front, and other lesser known groupings of like-minded people.

Being a zealous environmentalist, I find the environmental actions of others to be an overall acheivement for all of those who are truly dedicated to the protection and defense of Nature. Unfortunatly, the vast amount of those I encounter tend to disagree, which is inherently illogical.

Earth First! is a an organization I criticize for the hypocrisy in its name alone: By no means does EF! genuinely put the welfare of Earth above all else, or even relatively. Rather, the members of EF! seem far more concerned with animal rights (why not “Animals First!”) than with environmental welfare, as well as morality-emphasized doctrine. Manifest examples of this can be seen proudly displayed on one piece of writing by an individual known as “Bunny” concerning the Hambacher forest. In this article, the passionate hatred for hunters is declared, as is the disgust with “murdering innocent nonhumans.” This is despite the fact that the hunters in question were defending the forest as well, but presumably, one reason for which was to continue hunting. It is then noted that the hunters were considered to be “protecting the forest for all the wrong reasons.” Now let that sentence really digest for a moment, and take time to truly assumilate the underlying message. The translation? “Nature is only valuable in the realm of our perspective on morality,” or “Nature isn’t what really matters. My opinion does.” Saving a forest is saving a forest. I care not wether you chain yourself to a tree so you have the opportunity to shit in the forest, or if you have some paraphilic attatchment to a tree. If one truly values the life of the forest, there would be no wrong reason to save it. Such a statement would be oxymoronic. The ego of EF! members dilutes their true capacity of caring for the Earth, for they seem to be far more concerned with being morally upright than percieving reality for what it is, and doing someting about it. Quite ironic for an organization accused of eco-terrorism. Regardless of the unfounded hatred in their mindset, I still firmly support any protective actions for Nature carried out by this organization. I care enough about Nature to overlook the opinions and cultural differences between different activists and organizations.

Deep Green Resistance is both a radical feminist and radical environmentalist organization, with two notable founders being Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith. While I am considerably fond of many works of literature by these two authors, I was dismayed to hear about the accusations of it being transphobic. This occured after Derrick Jensen cancelled a trans-inclusive policy. The members of DGR who have remained after this incident will claim that they are not transphobic, but merely do not believe that being transgender is a valid identity. Rather than blatantly declaring this, however, they claim gender is a product of the patriarchy and are used as a form of oppression, ergo transgender individuals are perpetrating this oppression. Though DGR claims to respect all life and strongly oppose all forms of opression, its denial of the validity of transgender individuals only perpetrates the very real oppression that transgender people already experience. It also undermines them, and though DGR is apparently “feminist,” ignores a very prevalent form of sexism: Transmisogyny. Sexism is by no means whatsoever limited to women with vaginas or ovaries. The fact that DGR overlooks that this is clearly a violence that stems from sexism reveals that it is not truly concerned for the welfare of women, or humans, but a select group of people who “qualify.” Essentially, it’s more of a club with a mindset of immaturity than a supportive organization. Oh, and lets not forget that DGR is completely disregarding the fact that many transgender individuals experience physical dysphoria, which is recognized in psychology. The patriarchy cannot cause this. Hint: Being transgender is not new. Similar experinces have been recognized in many noncivilized, nonpatriarchal societies. So while this hypocrisy in terms of feminism and overall disrespect for others will prevent me from directly supporting this organization, I will continue to reference select writings by certain DGR members and, again, praise any direct environmental action that is taken.

World Wildlife Fund was an organization which, like many, I was drawn to from a commercial alone. On the surface, this organization seems fine. This is very deceptive, as WWF has been known to support “human safaris” and actively prosecutes and uproots indigenous communities in the name of “conservation.” WWF has been a vital part in other abuses of native people as well, leading to starvation, torture, and even death. This is an organization which has blood on its hands, and evidently does not care.

Everything considered, larger environmental groups and individual supporters as well are a far cry from harmony with one another, or even with the indigenous populations of the world. In a movement against industries, capitalism, civilization, all or any combination of these things, cooperation is vital for success. If you cannot overcome opinions or cultural differences to support other environmentalists without jeering (or resorting to violence), you are in desperate need  of a reevaluation of your priorities. Right now, Nature does not need us fighting for title of Best Lover. No, Nature needs protection and defense, and to hell with our notions of heirarchy.

*Basic information used to make these statements on these organizations can be easily found, except perhaps of that of World Wildlife Fund, which can be exposed by another, much better organization (that is not necessarily environmentalist in foundation): Survival International: http://www.survivalinternational.org